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Nearly one fifth of Canadians agree they would rather discuss finances with their parents and loved ones than their health.

Our parents are never shy to talk to us about our health, and yet, somehow we struggle to return the favour. To mark Heart Month in February 2016, Bayer ASPIRIN 81mg embarked on a mission to empower Canadians to have The Talk with their parents to help them better understand the increased risk of heart attacks as they get older. To do this, The Colony Project worked with Bayer ASPIRIN 81mg to partner with Canadian Olympic soccer player Kaylyn Kyle to encourage Canadians to have this uncomfortable, but important conversation.

By working together, Bayer ASPIRIN 81mg and Kaylyn were able to raise awareness on this important issue, highlight the signs of a heart attack, and educate Canadians on how Bayer ASPIRIN 81mg can help save lives. This included a media tour that featured Kaylyn on national media stations from coast-to-coast and notable collaborations with key influencers to help engage Canadians online.